Insurance Law

Let's Face it. Insurance is not an Easy Subject.

 Insurance is a ubiquitous device and is a necessity in modern times for compliance with state laws, as well as the practical considerations of suffering a loss without coverage. It is also based upon highly complex contracts and butressed with constantly varying case law. 

William Kevin Stoos frequently handles cases in bad faith litigation, breach of contract, insurance coverage lawsuits, and declaratory judgments, for and against insurance carriers.

William Kevin Stoos also provides coverage opinions to insurance companies, construction companies, and private individuals to ascertain, manage, and predict their potential for exposure or liability in current litigation or as a preventative-loss measure. 

What we do:

  • Defense of Nat'l Automobile Insurance Companies
  • Insurance Company Coverage Opinions 
  • Coverage Opinions for Contractors 
  • Coverage Opinions for Homeowners
  • Insurance Policy Interpretations

Insurance Law in Sioux City